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How Coaching Can Help With Financial Anxiety

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with a climate of financial uncertainty and difficulty. Jobs are being lost, workers are being made redundant and people are struggling with debt.  

Anxiety is prevalent during these times, and research has found that 9.5 million UK adults have suffered from mental health issues due to serious money woes.  

Whilst the economic implications of the pandemic will continue to unravel for years to come, there are ways that positive financial behaviours can be supported, so that as an individual, you are able to cope better with money. 

The solution? Financial coaching. 

What’s The Difference Between A Financial Coach And A Financial Advisor? 

financial advisor knows every jargon in the book. They recommend specific and qualified financial products to clients, and can discuss more complex situations.  

financial coach guides you towards your financial goals, taking more of a holistic and overall account of you and your money situation. They are not authorised to recommend specific products, but are able to attend to your relationship with money and its implications on your mental health. 

Why Hire A Financial Coach? 

The aim of a financial coach is to guide you through your financial journey, helping you to build a healthier relationship with money and alleviate stress. 

Money is the most common cause of stress in the UK

A coach will work with you and empower you to make coherent decisions by taking a holistic account of your ongoing personal lifestyle and financial goals. 

Financial coaching is all about making you much more aware of your financial situation so that you make coherent decision-making processes that will contribute to a more fruitful money situation. 

During a period of financial anxiety provoked by the current pandemic, Ceed can coach you on governing your finances better and alleviate the stress that money problems cause. 

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