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How To Regain Your Lost Motivation

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up” 

Babe Ruth

We’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced a time where the things that keep us going just don’t seem to be enough anymore. While we would normally be raring and ready to go, that motivational drive has vanished and left an empty hole, making us feel empty and without a goal or purpose. 

There was a distinct rise in a lack of motivation when the Coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, with 44% of under 35-year-olds claiming that it impacted their work performance. Motivation, let alone mental health, was truly impacted in March of that year, with the effects still lingering over a year later. 

Below is a list of six tips that can help you regain your motivation as if it had never gone in the first place! 

1. Find Inspiration. Think clearly – what is it you have set out to do? What exactly is it you want to accomplish? Was there something that inspired you to achieve your goal in the first place? For example, did you read a really good book and wished that you could write something just as good? Well, the solution to this is obvious. Read more books just like the one that influenced you in the first place. Websites like Amazon are often recommending to their users and visitors products that are similar to each other or were bought together, so that will be the best way to find them. As soon as you find ways to inspire yourself, you’ll be one step closer to achieving your goal. 

2. Make A List of Pros and Cons. Now, you’re probably wondering “but shouldn’t I not think of the negatives and think only of the positives?” As true as it is that optimism can go far, by placing the pros and the cons in a list, you can make a balanced and more defined decision. Are there more positive aspects? Then, it looks like a good idea and you should definitely do it! But what if there are more negative ones? Try doing something else you might have considered. 

3. Do Some Exercise. Do you spend too much time sitting, or even laying, around? If you find yourself not moving as much, then this can perhaps be the biggest cause of your absent motivation. Exercise has more than just physical benefits as it helps release endorphins, which will provide a mental boost if you’ve been feeling down.  

Whether this exercise is in your home, or even your place of work, you will feel more encouraged to set about your task at hand. In fact, you’ll probably find the biggest boost by visiting nature itself. Do you live near a woodland area, let alone a park? If it is welcome for everyone to visit, then you shouldn’t be an exception! 

4. Change Your Routine. Wake up. Set about doing that thing you wanted to do. Have lunch. Do something else. Have dinner and maybe dessert. Do another thing. Go to sleep. Seems dull, doesn’t it? It may appear to be even duller if that’s the same thing you do day-in, day-out. If you’re tired of having normality, then the best thing to do is shake things up. After all, variety is the spice of life. Changing your routine will help you anticipate on the new things your day will bring you and provide that little bit of joy to help things move along. 

5. Stop Overthinking. Have you ever watched a film or TV series and spotted something inaccurate? Maybe you’ve looked at something that happened in passing and tried to pick it to pieces to figure out implications, repercussions, or maybe even causes of it? Have you then found yourself thinking about this non-stop? It can be easy to overthink things in our lives, but the important thing is not everything has to be so complex or difficult. Simplicity exists for a reason. Try doing something with little or no forethought. You never know where you could end up. 

6. Get Excited. Now, this might seem like an odd tip, but if you have taken step 4 into account, it will make a lot more sense. If you have changed your routine, let alone had something planned for a specific date that is ages away, then the excitement created by the anticipation will give you something to look forward to.  

You’ll find yourself thinking about it more and more as time goes on and the date draws near. This might not seem like much, but once the event is quite literally around the corner, you will most certainly find yourself anticipating on the event that will provide you with joy, even if it’s brief. 

These six tips should be enough to get you going once again. However, you never know – maybe only one or two are just enough. 

If you are still having difficulty regaining your motivation, contact Ceed today for more advice. 

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