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Why Awe Walking is Good for Your Mental Health


This article explains how to Awe Walk, and why everybody should take time to do it.  The benefits of Awe Walking are unlimited!  What is Awe-Walking?  Awe-Walking is not your typical stroll around the block. This type of walking focuses on appreciating your surroundings using mindfulness. It's done to reach a ‘state of awe’.   The awe state is thought to…

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How to Tune in To Your Body and Reduce Stress


Have you ever noticed yourself feeling run down, worn out and emotionally numb when stress levels are soaring? You might feel like you’re carrying the weight of your worries on your shoulders, and you wouldn’t be wrong.   Knowing how to listen to your body can help you identify when you might need to take some rest and look after yourself.…

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How to Spring Clean Your Body and Mind


Coming out of winter and into spring feels like a great time to have a fresh start. Spring is associated with new beginnings and growth, so why not apply that to yourself as well?  You’ve probably already thought about spring cleaning your house – getting rid of the clutter, reorganising your cupboards, deep cleaning everything. So, if you are willing…

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How to Manage Moving Out for The First Time


So, the time has come; you’ve decided to move out and start your own life.   It can be extremely difficult to move out mentally. It’s a new fresh start to move out of your guardian’s house, and it means letting go of your past. Despite how difficult it can seem and feel, it is healthy for your mind. You will…

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The Importance of Congruence: How to Manage Your Thoughts


A term you might’ve heard a lot nowadays is how you shouldn’t “bottle up” your thoughts, let alone your emotions. This means that you’re deliberately holding back from expressing a thought. Especially if it worries or concerns you because you don’t wish to face the emotions that will follow. There are many harmful effects caused by you bottling up your…

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How Listening to Music Can Better Your Life


Everybody has enjoyed music at some point in their life and has a genre they enjoy the most, whether it’s pop, rap, or reggae. No matter the genre, the feeling of listening to the genre that you like the most stays the same: it relaxes you.  But what other effects can listening to music have on you?   Mood Booster and…

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How to Manage Dark Thoughts in 2022


The past few years have been somewhat chaotic, and 2022 is no different. It can be difficult to swat away negative feelings that buzz around your head in a hive of chaos, but this article will help you utilise, avoid, lose or even live with these dark thoughts.  Dark thoughts can come at any time anywhere. What Are Dark Thoughts? …

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How to Spot The Signs of A Toxic Relationship


The line between healthy and unhealthy relationships can be quickly crossed and it may be difficult to identify, even with signs that might seem obvious to others.   What is a Toxic Relationship?  Lillian Glass, a California-based communication and psychology expert defines a toxic relationship as …  “any relationship [between people who] don’t support each other, where there’s conflict and one…

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Why Hobbies Are Good for Your Mental Health


It’s very common for people not to prioritise hobbies and downtime. With working or studying full time it’s difficult to set aside time for ourselves to relax and indulge in activities we enjoy.   Having a hobby is a great way to spend your spare time and unwind from your daily routine. Hobbies can range from learning an instrument, playing a…

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Why Creating a Healthy Routine is Good for You


Routines are the mind, and body’s natural clockwork – after getting used to a certain internal flow, a habit will fit into place like a jigsaw puzzle and can get stuck there.  However, sometimes, these routines can be bad and ultimately unhealthy for you. Here are what a healthy routine can do for you:  Healthiness is key to a long…

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