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Schools and Universities

We Inspire Productive Learning And Teaching

We use in-house trained coaching experts and artificial intelligence to help increase productivity and motivation.

Provide everyone within your educational institution a coaching experience so that they become better learners and teachers.

We Inspire Productive Learning And Teaching

Benefits Of Ceed For Education Institutions


We help students and teachers achieve their potential by holding them accountable and encouraging them to stick to their goals.


Those who are productive during their day and accomplish the tasks set out for them are more likely to be happier and have an overall healthier state of mind.


Lack of motivation can be prevalent. It's during those times where Ceed can be most helpful, being the pushing force that will keep students and teachers going.

Tailored Communication

Ceed will communicate with you as if you're talking to a peer or a friend.

Ceed Helps Your Remote Team Become More Effective


We make sure students stick to their study goals and abide by their daily schedule.


Unleash your full potential. Find your focus, improve motivation, reclaim your time and stop procrastinating.


Make or break your habits. Ceed holds you accountable and encourages you to perform at your best, every single day.

Health & Fitness

Stay focused and consistent in your health and fitness journey with our support and encouragement. Become more energised, manage your weight and stress, prevent health risks and improve your overall holistic well-being with the empowerment from Ceed.



Let Ceed help you operate at the highest level by unlocking a deeper level of consciousness in everything you do.


Money Management

We help you govern your finances better. Track your net worth, set & manage a budget, make a savings goal & invest for your future.

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We’re on a mission to help every individual achieve their potential