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Fitness Coaching vs Personal Training: Which Is More Efficient?

A newly-found health-kick inspires you to hire a personal trainer. Pretty quickly, you start to see results, and that summer body that you have always dreamed about appears to be becoming a reality. A couple of weeks in, though, and your fitness journey appears to have run its course. You’re back to square one, feeling deflated and unmotivated. 

Did you know that health kicks only last, on average, around 12 days? 

Staying on track seems to be an inevitable long-haul struggle, especially when it comes to sticking to your gym and fitness regime. Even with a personal trainer, it seems increasingly difficult to find workout habits that persist.  

What’s the point of hiring a personal trainer, then? 

Don’t be mistaken – a personal trainer is helpful in finding fast, simple and pragmatic solutions; they can set out a plan articulated through evidence and trial-and-error so that your workout regime is easily adhered to. They tell you what to do. 

However, these solutions don’t often pan out to be permanent lifestyle changes.  

For your health and fitness journey to become consistent and dependable, coaching your mentalitity becomes a vital tool 

“I was a trainer for 15 years before becoming certified as a coach. Before being a coach, 20% of my clients achieved their goals. Now, 100% of my clients achieve their goals”

Mary Crayston Fulber

What’s The Difference Between A Fitness Coach And A Personal Trainer? 

A personal trainer sets out fast solutions, telling you what to do based on the goals you have presented.  

A fitness coach, on the other hand, uses purpose-led techniques by asking you questions that really knuckle down to why you are embarking on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle, and guides you through personal human connection to get to the heart of the matter and create change.   

Why Is Coaching Better?  

“Life coaching isn’t simply a watered-down version of therapy. It is a dynamic discipline designed to help motivate and inspire people to achieve more than they believe is possible.”

Tony Robbins

The ultimate difference between fitness training and coaching lies in the art of human connection.  

Through conversations of supportment and guidance, coaches extract mindful answers so that they can solve and transform how you think and feel about your health and fitness journey.  

Encouraging you to believe in yourself drives motivation and long-lasting results. Believing that you can achieve something – believing that the end or long-term goal is attainable – is what will encourage you to stay on track. 

Hiring a personal trainer can help – don’t get us wrong. But the change has to be fundamental; the underlying motivation has to come from you

This is where Ceed comes in – personalised coaching expertise dedicated to your health and fitness journey that will contribute to your long-haul success. 

Ceed helps you see why you want to make these changes and gives a helping hand along the way. 

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