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Why Being Spontaneous Can Make You Happier

Be Spontaneous 

Spontaneity can have enormous payoffs for mental health and wellbeing. It can make you feel happier and more creative – it can even rewire our brains. 

When was the last time you ditched your plans and did something completely spontaneous? 

With our overfilled diaries and online planners, our lives are often packed to the brim, leaving little or no time for a sudden whim. But, although routines can help us get through everyday tasks, like cleaning our teeth, filling every single moment with planned activity can badly affect us. 

We often pack our schedules so full that we leave little room for unplanned actions, but doing so means you may be missing out on moments of joy.  

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Wake up feeling happier!

The Benefits of Being Spontaneous 

Being open to spontaneous events and allowing our mind time to reflect on things, rather than rushing from one planned activity to the next, can benefit our emotional health. 

Keep Your Life Fresh 

Spontaneous people are always up to try something new. They’ll spice up the day any way they can. It could be as simple as ordering something new from a local restaurant for lunch. Because they’re always trying something new, spontaneous people never get bored and stay fresh. 

Be More Flexible 

Be ready to try and do something new. And if plans change, adapt to them. Spontaneous people don’t feel tied down to one goal and will be more than happy to accommodate a contingency, as long as it leads to an exciting adventure.  

This “go with the flow” attitude helps them avoid conflict and confrontation. Instead, they can ride the wave of excitement that continuously exists within their life. 

Be More Creative 

Spontaneous people aren’t constantly thinking about their next move – they do whatever comes to mind. This mindset means that they don’t set boundaries for what they can accomplish, and they can be more creative.  

Unlock your creativity today! 

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Less Stress 

People that are spontaneous tend to not stress out over much. They understand that life goes on, whether it goes as planned or not. And, of course, when life gets stressful, as it does every so often, spontaneous people know how to shake things up to relieve the stress and get over the hurdle they’re currently facing. 

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Be Happier 

Spontaneous people have a mindset that allows them always to see the bright side of things which optimises their ability to maintain a positive outlook on life, making them happier. 

How To Be More Spontaneous 

Becoming a more spontaneous person is certainly not easy, so here are simple things that you can do to live a more spontaneous life. Hopefully, these steps will encourage you to do something more when you’re finally ready to. 

Shake Up Your Routine 

It doesn’t have to be something drastic. You could start with something simple, like going somewhere else for your morning coffee or taking a new route home from work. 

When you do something different, you open your eyes and mind up to new possibilities. You’ll then feel more inclined and less afraid to try new things.  

Do Something New Everyday 

Whether placing a different order when you’re out at your favourite café, or putting on that shirt that you never had any confidence to wear, you need to break out of your comfort zone. There’s no need to plan for it; go with the flow. When the opportunity presents itself, don’t hesitate and do it. 

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!


Do What You Want 

Forget the rules, and do whatever makes you happy. Life is for living, so live it loud and proud. Focus on what makes you happy, and incorporate it into your life as much as possible. don’t get stuck doing things that don’t work for you just because it’s become your routine. Just be sure you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else. 

Start Saying Yes 

Whether it’s an invite to a party where you don’t know many people, an invitation to have drinks with co-workers you’re not very close with, take a risk and say yes. Something as simple as this can make a big difference to your day-to-day lifestyle. Once you start saying yes, you will notice more great opportunities arising that you otherwise might have rejected.

Stop Doubting Yourself 

The more you feel like you can’t do things, the more likely you won’t. When you psych yourself out to try something new that you’re uncomfortable with, you’ll likely break out of your monotonous routine. Spice up your life by telling yourself that you can do it, and you will. 

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Turn Off Your Gadgets 

When you don’t have any distractions in the way, you will be more willing to get up and get something done. Taking a break from your phone or computer can force you into new situations that are likely to be more rewarding.

Speak To a Stranger 

More often than not, we tend to retreat into our comfort zone when we’re in unfamiliar territory and faced with unfamiliar faces. Don’t hesitate to speak to a stranger. You’ll be surprised at what you may gain.    

Your life is meant to be lived and not wasted doing things that bring you no joy. Despite your responsibilities, there’s no reason why you can’t inject some spontaneity into your life to make it that much more worthwhile.  

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3 Reasons to Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone and Into Your Growth Zone

As we approach the second half of the year, many of us begin to reflect on our progress so far. You might have begun 2021 intending to make certain changes. But most people find it tricky to stick to the goals they set for themselves.

It can be hard to change habits that make us feel comfortable. Feeling secure and safe is a part of human nature, after all. We hear the phrase ‘step outside of your comfort zone’ repeated from time to time. But, how many of us know what it means? 

In this article, we’ll detail what a comfort zone is and why it’s important to step outside of it!

Moving into your growth zone can help you feel on top of the world!

What is a comfort or growth zone?

Your comfort zone is a psychological state where you are safe and at ease. It is a construct that we create to prevent ourselves from feeling anxious or afraid. This makes the comfort zone a great place to stay for many reasons. 

The problem is, your comfort zone has a limit. Outside of your comfort zone lies the learning, growth and panic zones. The one we will focus on is the growth zone. This is where you can make progress and actualise some of your dreams. 

However, before you can get to the growth zone, you need to experience the learning zone. The learning zone is where you develop some of the skills that will support your progress. You begin to unlearn old habits, learn to deal with challenges, acquire new skills and extend the comfort zone.

Try something new

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can seem very daunting for most of us. When was the last time you did something new? If you are not inclined to try something random, then it may be worth asking yourself why.  

Doing things outside of the norm is a great way to build up self-esteem and confidence. At the beginning of a new year, we all make the collective leap together to make a positive change. This creates a sense of community spirit. However, you don’t need an excuse to try something different. Exploring new hobbies or building new habits can add excitement to your daily life. Why not choose to refresh your routine in the middle of the year? 

You don’t need an excuse to try something different!

Face your fears

Stepping outside of your ‘comfort zone’ is all about putting yourself in an ‘uncomfortable’ situation. Very often, we create this idea in our heads that we probably can’t do certain things. The result is that we usually avoid trying new things altogether. 

Your inability to try something different could stem from a fear you have. Sometimes, people develop a fear of rejection that prevents them from doing anything that may result in failure or rejection. But once you try something, you realise that it is nowhere near as bad as you have imagined it to be!  

George Addair once said, “Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear”. You do not know what great things may lie on the other side of you putting yourself out there; the other side being the point when you attempt something that you once found scary.

Personal development and growth

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is an integral part of your personal development. If you allow familiarity and complacency to hold you back, you miss out on opportunities to discover more about yourself. Being open to change and the world around us, allows you to widen your perspective. 

Stepping into your growth zone will allow you to find your purpose. You will have a stronger sense of what you want to do and find it easier to set goals. Having the ability to achieve your goals gives you greater confidence and self-esteem. 

You may discover a new talent or skill that helps you at work, for example. You may just feel more excited to try other new things! More importantly, you may be able to overcome a crippling fear. 

Stepping out of your comfort zone can help fill you with confidence!

Our conclusion 

Now that we have a better understanding of what a comfort zone is, it should be much easier to move from your comfort zone to your growth zone. Whilst it can prove difficult to give up old habits, the benefits of exploring new things far outweigh the cons. You can have new exciting experiences, face up to your fears and make some valuable personal progress.  

The choice is yours to start whenever you want. Once you have thought about the things you want to achieve, you can adjust the habits that prevent you from reaching your goals. Remember that great things lie outside your comfort zone if you can stick to the promises you have made for this new chapter of your life. 

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